When you find the house that will become your Home, make sure that a trained whole house inspector looks at it before you finalize the deal.

What you Don't know about your new home can cause many problems later!

You should Know:

  • What should be fixed or replaced before you even move in.
  • What you should budget for replacement soon.
  • What you should budget for replacement later.
  • What you should maintain to assure long usefulness.

Call Ken Today and schedule a complete ClearVue inspection of your new home. During the inspection you will be given many helpful hints that will help you maintain your new home and keep it in good condition. At the completion of the inspection you will receive a complete and easy to understand report in a hard binder that you can keep for future reference.

By having Ken as Your Inspector today he will be Your Home Consultant for life!

Save Money!                 Save Worry!                 Call Ken Today!

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